Counting Us
The Counting Us app was developed by Simtech Solutions to help automate the data collection requirements of the annual homeless census to meet the Federal requirements and address local policy needs.  Download the app from either Google Play or the App Store, register an account, and use the project key of "DEMO" to get started. 

Key features of the Counting Us app include:

  • Works on all major devices and operating systems & can also be run from a web browser;
  • Supports the data collection for homeless individuals and families both on the streets and in shelter (for projects that do not participate in HMIS);
  • Volunteers register an account to associate their surveys with a specific region;
  • Simple survey forms reduce the data collection burden on count volunteers;
  • Collects data on individuals and households, sheltered and unsheltered and observation information when a survey is not possible for complete and accurate HUD reporting;
  • GPS enabled to identify exact location of each survey interaction;
  • Users have the option to collect full names and dates of birth which allows information from the count to contribute to the "by name lists" of people experiencing homelessness as well as deduplicating the data with what is collected in HMIS;
  • Offline storage allows surveys to be saved and submitted later so no internet or cell coverage is required;